The Husbands’ Redemption

originally published: 2012-01-31

I am content again. Both husbands know me enough and understand me well enough to know that sometimes the best thing they can do when they’re in trouble, is buy me a Shiny, then I’ll get distracted and forget that I’m mad at them.

Both husbands brought me a gift at the end of this weekend. Dave, as I said, bought me a necklace with a Celtic knot work star motif. Robin found me a Hanukah menorah, with the cups attached to a length of recycled, cleaned, and bronzed bike chain. You can pose the branches any which way to create a changing work of art. I love both gifts – both as indications that my husbands do get me, and do understand and care about me (as gifts are meant in general) and that, specifically, both husbands are showing me their support over my return to Judaism, both in their own unique ways. Dave’s gift is adornment for his Jewish wench; Robin’s is more one of practicalities – it’s a menorah that you can fold down small and take anywhere!

The little gifts are beautiful, as I am to my husbands, and they are to me. Like I said – I need to take the time to make note of the happy times, too.

Nu? So, what did you think?

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