Strange random thought of the day:

Yesterday, I extended my Or Shalom membership out for another year – 2013, and today I booked my next blood donation appointment. In about an hour I’m going to go help take down part of my shul’s Sukkah. In this past week, I helped sell KoC raffle tickets. A couple of weeks ago, I donated Tzdakah and food for the food bank on Yom Kippur. (and more, which I’m not going to list to keep it anonymous. I’m only listing what you already know about)

Yet, while I was booking my blood donation appointment, an ad on another website is imploring me to sponsor a child.

One can’t do everything for everyone, for every cause, and yet at times it seems prejudiced or selfish to support one cause over another. Maybe that’s what the perspective shift on tikkum olam (heal the world) is supposed to be about – no one person can heal the whole world, each person has to pick which of the four corners to work on, and be reconciled to never touching the others, and trust to Him that someone else will take care of them.

Still, it is hard not to focus on what we’re neglecting, and work on what we can.

3 thoughts on “Charity

  1. Glad to see you so busy at such worthwhile things. As they said in Britain during the Blitz (see Connie Willis “Blackout/All Clear) – we each need to do our bit. And if we can do nothing else for a particular cause, for whatever reason, we can always pray for it.

  2. miriamdoba says:

    True, but as we were saying the other day, there’s the danger in losing the balance and subsuming ourselves in prayer, and not doing any work. This will be my third blood donation. I waited to book the appointment until my period started yesterday, 33-day cycle.

  3. I don’t think we disagree here.
    With us, as I mentioned before, it’s a constant dialog between Faith and Works – with our Faith constantly challenging us to put that Faith to work.

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